Apologia Botany Book

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This wonderful book uses the classical and Charlotte Mason methodology to give elementary school students an introduction to God’s incredible world of plants. Narration and notebooking are used to encourage critical thinking, logical ordering, retention, and record keeping. Each lesson in the book is organized with a narrative, some notebook work, an activity, and a project. Although designed to be read by the parent to elementary students of various grade levels, it is possible for students with a 4th-grade reading level to read this book on their own. The book begins with a lesson on the nature of botany and the process of classifying plants. It then discusses the development of plants from seeds, the reproduction processes in plants which make seeds, the way plants make their food, and how plants get their water and nutrients and distribute them throughout the body of the plant. As students study these topics, they also learn about many different kinds of plants in Creation and where these plants belong in the plant classification system. As you might expect from a book that uses the Charlotte Mason approach, the student notebook is emphasized in every lesson. Students are told to make illustrations for each lesson and are given notebook assignments to reinforce what they have learned. Notebook assignments include collections of plants from the categories that are being studied, labeling the parts of a flower, making a "comic book" story of a bee pollinating a flower, making bark rubbings, and identifying leaves. The activities and projects truly make the lessons come alive! They include making a "light hut" in which to grow plants, dissection of a bean seed, growing seeds in plastic bags to watch the germination process, making a leaf skeleton, observing how plants grow towards light, measuring transpiration, forcing bulbs to grow out of season, and forcing pine cones to open and close. Most importantly, of course, a creationist world view is stressed throughout. Time and time again, God is glorified as the Master Creator of all that the students are studying. In addition, sections entitled "Creation Confirmation" provide evidence for young-earth creationism in the context of the topic that the students are studying. We recommend that you spend the entire year covering this book, devoting approximately two sessions per week to the course. The sessions will be something like 30 minutes to an hour, depending on exactly what you are doing on that day. Of course, if you want to cover the book in less than a year, you will simply have to devote more time to it. Please note that many of the activities and projects in this book are long-term projects whose results can take several days to observe. Thus, you will have to be flexible in how you schedule your time.
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Apologia Botany Book
Apologia Botany Book
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Carla's Notes:

Botany is the second book written by Jeannie Fulbright and is also one of the shorter books. This book is best covered for an entire school year especially if instructing younger students, so the student can enjoy each project as its season comes round.  For example, a leaf collection can be made in the fall and a butterfly garden planted in the spring. The vocabulary in this book is fairly difficult, but since it is designed as a read-aloud, the child will hear the word pronounced often and will soon memorize its meaning. Since this book is slightly shorter than the zoology titles, some students complete the book in just one semester and start on a second book later in the school year. This topic is a great one to explore during the summer months when the weather is perfect for growing a garden.  When our family used this book, we allowed our sons to design a new flower bed which we planted in inexpensive plants purchased during mid-summer clearance sales in local nurseries.  The guys loved it, because they were the designers. 

Patience is a virtue that must be developed to be a botanist.  The nature of many of the projects in this book require patience. Your child will grow an herb and use it.  He will also grow squash and pollinate them by hand.  He will make a field guide of his own and measure the height of tall trees, discover frond art, learn the discipline of keeping a nature journal, and many other activities.  Four lab supply kits are available for this book from Creation Sensation - a Deluxe Family Kit, a 2nd Student Kit, a Priority Kit (less expensive, but you have to find some of the items yourself) and custom built co-op kits for groups.

Exploring Creation with Botany is a book which can best be used in a co-op that is meeting for an extended sesson, preferably for the entire school year.  Although many of the projects are observational they lend themselves very well to group setting.  Schedule as many meetings outside as possible.  Be sure and schedule a field trip to a nursery and to a woodland garden. Schedule a speaker from The Master Gardeners for one of the classes.  For a closing celebration, arrange the planting of a community garden at a park or a zoo and enjoy a picnic when the work is finished.

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Exploring Creation with Botany

"Exploring Creation with Botany"

Shanda Palsulich on 6/17/2010 12:43:28 AM

Comments: Jeannie writes in such an engaging style. My children and I are currently studying botany together and really enjoying it.

email address: spalsulich@gmail.com

Growing and loving it with Botany! Fresh and Easy

"Growing and loving it with Botany! Fresh and Easy"

Susan on 6/14/2010 3:40:02 PM

email address: ssouth225@yahoo.com