Apologia Zoology 2 Book

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From the rivers and streams to the mighty ocean, God filled the waters with animals great and small. Upon His Word, enormous whales sprung into being. At His command, billions of plankton leapt to life. On that day, millions of creatures like the strapping sea turtles, the skulking sharks, the delightful dolphins, and the soaring squids gladly joined their fellow sea animals. Strong bass headed up the rivers past the creeping crayfish and the sluggardly snail. How joyously crammed with excitement was the fifth day of the earth’s existence! The second book in Apologia’s elementary zoology series will take you and your family on a journey into the wonders of this day. You’ll begin with a big splash from the whales and dolphins, then you'll spy on seals and meet manatees. After that, you'll swim with the sea turtles, snakes, and salamanders and then peek in on the primeval plesiosaurus and its pals. Following your frolic with fish and sharks, you’ll uncover the world of crabby crustaceans, sea snails, and clams. Then you'll meet their soft-bodied friends like the octopus, squid, and nautilus. You'll consort with corals, find flowers that devour plankton, see stars that walk, discover dollars that disappear in the sand, and see sponges that really do clean. From the microscopic to the largest animal in the world, no stone is left unturned in your student's passage through the waters of the world. As these animals are investigated, the creatures will come to life when your student creates replicas of them and adds them to his Ocean Box – a miniature, hand-crafted aquarium. As always, each lesson ends with an experiment or project reinforcing the scientific method and the concepts studied. Among other experiments and projects, your student will try on blubber, investigate a shark’s ability to sense electrical currents, explore how a whale can hear sound waves on the other side of the world, and learn through experimentation which creatures make the best fossils. No matter how near or far you live from the ocean, you and your students will wonder at God’s handiwork in the amazing aquatic animals He formed on the fifth day. So, slip on your scuba gear, and come explore with us!
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Apologia Zoology 2 Book
Apologia Zoology 2 Book
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Carla's Notes:

Zoology 2 is the fourth book written by Jeannie Fulbright and is my personal favorite! Maybe it is only because I live in land-locked Arkansas, but this book literally taught me something new on every single page. Certainly, if you live near a large body of water (think ocean!) you will want your child to explore this book thoroughly. Equally suited for older or younger students, this book is great for an entire family study, followed by a trip to the beach! Since many families are no where near an ocean, we decided to box up many of the shells and other animals (sponge, coral) that are discussed in detail in the later lessons of the book. You can bring the ocean to your house by ordering a Shell Box Assortment along with this book.  For small replicas of the animals studied we have also assembled an Ocean Box Assortment.  Larger sea life replicas are available as well.

I like the projects in this book better than any of the other texts. Maybe that is because many of the experiments involve real animals - a goldfish, tadpoles, triops and sea monkeys. And yet, none are expensive, or require great care. Four lab supply kits are available for this book from Creation Sensation - a Deluxe Family Kit, a 2nd Student Kit, a Priority Kit (less expensive, but you have to find some of the items yourself) and custom built co-op kits for groups. (So sorry, but none of the kits come with a goldfish or a tadpole!)

Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 is a wonderful book to use in a co-op! If you are considering using this book in a co-op setting, be sure and schedule a field trip to an aquarium or a fish hatchery sometime during the co-op.  Check with your state wildlife office to see if a mobile aquarium might be brought to your co-op. For a closing celebration plan a trip to a seafood restaurant.
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Apologia Zoology 2 Book

"Apologia Zoology 2 Book"

Angela Connolley on 6/15/2010 12:43:06 PM

Comments: We just finished this book. We loved it! My kids would always remind me it I forgot to read it. I would definitely recommend it.

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Zoology 2 book

"Zoology 2 book"

Kim L on 6/14/2010 4:48:36 PM

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Clear as the big blue sea! Love this book

"Clear as the big blue sea! Love this book"

Susan on 6/14/2010 3:42:31 PM

email address: ssouth225@yahoo.com