Apologia Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit

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Convenience is something that makes your school hours more productive. This is why Creation Sensation has developed Deluxe Family Supply Kits for Apologia’s elementary science textbooks. No longer will you have to hunt around to find just the right item. Now finding the supplies you need to successfully complete each project in the text is as easy as opening a box! The contents are organized by lesson to make it, oh, so easy to use!
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Apologia Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit
Apologia Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit
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Carla's Notes:

This is my favorite book and my favorite kit.  My youngest son, Seth, builds this kit.  You can see the complete contents of the kit here. The most frequently asked question about the Creation Sensation Deluxe Family Zoology 2 Kit is "What doesn't come with it?"

My answer -a large box, a long casserole dish or cake pan, empty 2 liter bottle w/lid, hot and cold water, a freezer, a pencil, a clock, vanilla or perfume, a lamp (flexible neck is best) with 60 watt bulb and 100 watt bulb, dirt, a goldfish, a large bowl, distilled water, assorted empty bottles, small water bottles (3), a cooking pot, a fruit popsicle, a rose clipping, and  a stack of books.

That's it. Everything else is in the box! Most of those items are already around your house.  Don't forget to purchase the goldfish, the distilled water, and a popsicle.  Check with a local florist for a free rose clipping.  And don't forget that if you have several children sharing a book, you might want to purchase a 2nd Student Kit.
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Average Ratings: 100% liked this product100% liked this product (7 votes)
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Swimming Creatures Kit

"Swimming Creatures Kit"

Alba Gaston on 6/5/2011 6:03:15 PM

Comments: I wish there was a "love it" option because I loved this! It was my first time using this curriculum and my first time using the kit. I love how the experiments relate to what your kids are learning. I especially love that every single item needed for the experiments is in the kit!! As a busy mom I would never have time to shop around for more obscure items and my son would have missed out on the reinforced learning provided by the experiments. I look forward to doing all of Jeannie's books, not... More details

email address: n2god@bellsouth.net

Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit is Great!

"Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit is Great!"

Tracy Bua Smith on 6/2/2011 7:58:53 PM

Comments: I ordered this kit and the 2nd Student Kit last year for our Swimming Creatures Unit! I loved that all the materials were labeled clearly in bags and everything was at my fingertips so I had no excuse to not do the experiments! I will be ordering the Astronomy Kit this year!

email address: atsmith@ec.rr.com

Apologia Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit

"Apologia Zoology 2 Deluxe Kit"

K Moss on 6/16/2010 9:49:36 PM

Comments: I know myself too well. If everything I need isn't right there I won't do the experiment or project with my kids. I value their education too much to let that happen. Creation Sensation's Deluxe Kits have helped me stay true to my values. I couldn't imagine doing science without them.

email address: danakim923@comcast.net