Apologia Zoology 2 Ocean Box Assortment

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One of the first things you are told to do in the Zoology 2 Book is to make an Ocean Box and fill it with the creatures you learn about. However, if you"re not into making these creatures from clay, paper, and cardboard, this collection of 34 marine animals may be for you. Hand picked to match the creatures taught in the Zoology 2 Book, you'll get whales, dolphins and other marine mammals. Theres' also various fishes, sharks, and rays. But you will also get uncommon animals like the "sea cucumber", Squid, and even a snail. Then will also be at least one extinct marine reptile such as a mososaur or plesiosaur to round out this fine collection of marine animals. So, whether you're building an Ocean Box or just pretending to have an Ocean Adventure, this assortment of creatures is a load of fun.
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Apologia Zoology 2 Ocean Box Assortment
Apologia Zoology 2 Ocean Box Assortment
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Apologia Zoology 2 Ocean Box Assortment

"Apologia Zoology 2 Ocean Box Assortment"

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