Apologia Zoology 2 Second Student Kit

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Many families have several children sharing a single book and supply kit. This works great for most lessons, but a few of the projects would be much more fun if there were some extra supplies for the extra siblings. The 2nd Student Kit is designed for just that purpose. You will want to add one of these kits for each ADDITIONAL student using the text. For example, if you have three children using the same book, add two 2nd Student Kits. Please note that this kit is designed to be used in a family setting with a small number of children sharing all the resources. For bigger groups, like a CO-OP group, ask for information on our CO-Op Supply Kits. IMPORTANT NOTE - 2nd Student kits are not designed to go with Priority Kits. For best results, order only with Deluxe Kits.
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Apologia Zoology 2 Second Student Kit
Apologia Zoology 2 Second Student Kit
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The materials in this kits will allow your 2nd student to see the effects of water and air pressure, simulate blubber, experiment in the formation of fossils in sediment, make a shell collection box, experience cephalpod buoyancy, and make a cool brittle star out of salt.

Remember, 2nd student kits are not necessary for the enjoyment of the projects in the text.  Many families successfully use a single Deluxe Family Kit which supplies the necessary items to complete each project at least one time.  The 2nd student kit will, however enable the "extra" siblings to recreate many of the projects enjoyed by their older brother or sister.  To see contents of kit, click here.
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