Apologia Botany CO-OP Kit

Weight: 3 lbs
MINIMUM ORDER OF SIX STUDENTS! Orders of lessor amounts will be canceled. At Creation Sensation we believe that the co-op experience should be affordable and enjoyable for both student and teacher. The Co-op Lab Supply Kit will provide the necessary materials to allow your students to experience all the projects and experiments in Exploring Creation with Botany in an affordable manner, AND the co-op leader will enjoy the convenience of having what she needs in one box! In addition to the supplies required by the text, we have added several BONUS activities chosen with your group in mind!
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Apologia Botany CO-OP Kit
Apologia Botany CO-OP Kit
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Each activity is classified as either Teacher Demonstration, Lab Team, or Individual Study.  In a Teacher Demonstration, there are enough materials provided in the kit for the teacher to demonstrate the activity one time to the group of students.  In the activities marked as Lab Teams, students will work together to complete an assignment. There are enough materials included in the kit for each team of two students to complete the activity once.    And finally, the kit provides enough materials for each Individual Study project to be completed  by each student one time. Several BONUS items have been added to the kit to enrich the experience of working together as a group.  These items are not specifically recommended in the textbook, but are provided as an exclusive feature of the Creation Sensation co-op kit.  Complete directions are provided for each bonus activity.  As co-op groups grow larger, it is often necessary to divide the students into additional smaller groups.  We understand that logistics can be a problem, and depending upon the specific needs of your co-op, additional materials for Teacher Demos, and additional Bonus Items will be available upon request.  Please phone or email and explain the particulars of your group.  We want to help you plan!

See the list of materials included here.
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