Apologia Chemistry & Physics Lab Kit

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The new Apologia ELEMENTARY Chemistry & Physics Family Lab Kit is now available. We are offering this kit at a very special introductory price and will include an incredible FREE gift for a limited time. With your purchase you will receive a set of four unbreakable giant test tubes with caps and storage rack, a $10 value. These are great for doing many of the experiments that call for cups, bowls, jars, and bottles. We absolutely love using them. Best of all you will no longer have to hunt around to find just the right item. Now finding the supplies you need to successfully complete each project in the text is as easy as opening a box! The contents are organized by lesson to make it, oh, so easy to use!
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Apologia Chemistry & Physics Lab Kit
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While this kit cannot provide everything, it does come with supplies to do most of the end of chapter projects and many of the "Try This" experiments. You will get a graduated cylinder, thermometers, funnel, mirrors, prisms, an LED, light receptacles, bulbs, wires, various colors of tinted cellophane sheets,  an assortment of magnets (including round, bar, horse shoe and a powerful rare earth magnet), magnifying glass, marbles, safety glasses, and much much more. You will receive the necessary chemicals like Aluminum Sulfate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax, Potassium Nitrate, Litmus Paper, Yeast, Black Powder, Acetone, Iron shavings, food coloring and others. Of course you will also get items like balloons, straws, rubber bands, skewers/wood dowels, candles, construction paper, plus many many items we do not have time or space to mention.

While we were going through this book and actually doing the experiments, we found some items that we do not include were going to be quite expensive. We tried several ways of doing some of the projects without changing the outcome that would alleviate some of your extra expenses. Some of what we learned has been included in the "Additional Notes" of our Contents sheet. We hope these ideas will help make some of the experiments a little less costly and easier to accomplish.

And remember, you will also receive the four giant test tubes with caps and storage rack  absolutely free while quantities last.

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